marlene photo

Name: Marlene Pena Lim
Birthplace: Manila, Philippines
Birthday: Jan. 4, Capricorn
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Golf ('heard she's really good),Eating,cooking and computing!
ROOTS: Chinese,Spanish and Filipino
LANGUAGE SPOKEN: Tagalog, English and Japanese
MY CAR: Benz 500E, Chevrolet Trail Blazer LTZ and my little HONDA
FAVORITE READINGS: Daily newspaper, Parenting, Interior, and Golf Magazines
FAVORITE FOODS: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino and my husbands Hamburger
FAVORITE THINGS: My 1st Rolex Watch, my Compaq Desktop, my little Prada bag, my Blue Jeans, my Plants and my Bed
FAVORITE PLACE: Our house in Nagasaki
FAVORITE GOLF COURSE: Katayamazu C.C. in Japan and The Blue Monster course in Miami, Fl.
LIKES: Staying home and attending to our little one!
DISLIKES: Not having food in the fridge
BIGGEST TURN-ON: Good Smell and Flowers
BIGGEST TURN-Off: Dishonesty and Irresponsible
TREASURE: My parents, my husband and our little one
MOTTO: Life is how you make it or take it

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